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At any point in time, we are the culmination of not only our current life experiences but also the subconscious history we bring along at the moment of our birth.  Unknowingly, we can carry around baggage from previous lives that can result in unhealthy physical, emotional, and spiritual discord. Heal with Regression therapy is an innovation of psychoanalyst Carole DiSalvo that uses hypnosis to access our retained memories of our past lives and the lessons they hold for us. 

The Heal with Regression process is based on the science of hypnosis and on the belief that our souls enter this life with spiritual history. That history includes our past life experiences and an intuitive awareness of our life purpose which is the primary lesson we were sent here to learn in this lifetime.

Carole uses a relaxing form of hypnosis to safely and gently guide her client into a somnambulistic state – the same level of wakefulness typically experienced on the brink of falling asleep or on the verge of waking. It is in this deep level of calm that a person can most readily access their own spiritual history and innate knowledge of their soul’s purpose. Then, using her signature ALOFT method of regression therapy, Carole uses dynamic questioning in order to allow the details, experiences, and relationships of clients’ past lives to naturally unfold. 

Clients are able to effortlessly recall their lives, often in vivid detail. Many describe the experience as similar to watching a beloved movie they have seen before. The questioning process leads clients through major events in the recalled lifetime and the lessons that were learned. Clients see who the important people were that they interacted with and often times recognize them on a soul level as a person from their current life.  The process brings forth memories and evokes the emotions of the experiences, but from an observational perspective. The journeys are unique, intimate, revealing and heartwarming. While difficulties or painful moments may be remembered, clients do not experience pain when reviewing them during hypnotic regression. Answers to questions of life purpose and life lessons come naturally.

After their Heal with Regression session, most people express a tremendous sense of “knowing” and a new level of awareness of their core true self. Many have a joyful spiritual encounter that transcends description. Typically, they experience emotional release and spiritual healing that continues for weeks after the conclusion of the session. And many also experience lasting physical healing as they release the pent-up root cause of the ailment they are living with in this life. 

Heal with Regression

The Process &
The Benefits

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ALOFT®  Method 






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  • Carole reserves 3 to 4 hours for a Regression Session. This includes time to thoroughly explain the process and answer questions as well as time to gather client history. This background information allows Carole to best guide you through your session and will help you to understand the experiences you may encounter. 

  • Sessions are available on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays. 

  • Regression Sessions are $500 and include an audio recording of your regression. Most clients find continued growth, insight, and clarity when reviewing the tapes.

 NOTE: Sessions can be rescheduled up to 48 hours in advance. 

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