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Carole DiSalvo

People often ask Carole how a New York City trained Psychoanalyst and Hypnotherapist became immersed in Past Life Regression. Simply put, it is a story of healing and it is the story of her life.

Born with an inquiring mind into a colorful Italian family, Carole was initially drawn to study Psychology as a means to better understand and support people. Next came a Masters in Social Work, becoming an LCSW (licensed clinical social worker) and finally specialized training in the field of Psychoanalysis. That, in turn, led to her current career of 30+ years as a private practice therapist. While her formal education and training provided the foundational skills, Carole’s clients know there is something singularly special about her people skills.  A client shared “Carole has an innately empathetic nature and an honest, straight-forward manner. Those traits, combined with her compassionate ability to nurture and encourage others, make Carole a truly stand-out professional. She helps people shine light on their past and their subconscious in order to bring healing to the present.”

Carole’s private life was filled with a wide circle of friends and many rich experiences. She gave thanks daily for having a successful and fulfilling career and a happy marriage to Mike whom she considers her “soul mate.” Sadly, in 2017, Carole lost Mike and for a short time, she also lost her footing in life. “I had experienced loss before and I had counseled many people through the grief process,” Carole explains. “But after Mike passed, I struggled to make sense of a prevailing awareness

I had that he wasn’t really gone.”

As she always has, Carole sought verifiable answers to her questions. In her quest, Carole voraciously researched the continuation of souls after life on earth from both scientific and spiritual perspectives. She studied with leading experts in the field of hypnosis and past life regression. She took counsel from certified Evidential Mediums and other professionals who study life after death.  

Carole received the answers and the healing that she needed. And she knew with her training, she could guide others toward their own healing and insight for more fulfilling and meaningful lives. She combined her background in psychoanalysis and hypnotherapy with her passion for past life regression and created the unique process she provides through Heal with Regression.


Carole DiSalvo


She helps people shine light on their past

and their subconscious

in order to bring healing to the present.

Client of

Carole DiSalvo


Professional & Educational Highlights

  • Practicing Psychoanalyst & Hypnotherapist, specializing in Past Life Regression

  • Creator of the ALOFT method

      used exclusively in Heal with              Regression sessions  

  • Individual, Family & Group Therapist within the Education, Government, & Private sectors 

  • 30+ years Private Practice Therapist in New York & Florida

  • 20 years as Counselor to

      air traffic controllers at the

      Federal Aviation Administration 

  • Master of Social Work (MSW)

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

  • BA Psychology

  • New York Center for Psychoanalytic Training

The many facets of Carole

Carole believes in living life large! Her diverse interests and experiences include:

  • being a race car driver 

  • dining and socializing with friends

  • being a licensed beautician and owning a hair salon in New York 

  • writing a memoir

  • reading voraciously

  • hosting an annual cookie baking event and being acclaimed for making a mean biscotti

  • being a proficient poker player since her father taught her at the age of 4

  • traveling and exploring places near & far 

  • sewing home decor accents and curtains like a pro

  • being a trusted friend who is known for her unshakable loyalty and confidentiality


It is difficult to imagine that Carole could have come by such varied skills and interests in just one lifetime. Perhaps our affinities are garnered from past lives as well! 

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