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Senior Couple

“The hypnotherapy session with Carole was life-changing for me. With her reassuring guidance, I discovered a new level of self-confidence and was able to enact impactful changes in my relationship with my husband. And surprisingly, I realized relief from pain in my feet that had bothered me for years. The changes I experienced were lasting and life-enhancing. I highly recommend Heal with Regression."        AH

"Carole's expertise is evident. She made me feel calm and comfortable which allowed me to let go and have an amazing session. It has helped me tremendously.

The recording Carole gives you of your session is priceless...a gift that keeps on giving.

Each time I listen to mine, I garner something else out of the experience. A new insight, a lesson, a memory. 

I think this experience would be beneficial to so many...

people interested in delving  deeper into themselves, people seeking physical and emotional healing, and people looking for additional awareness of how to be a better person.     RF

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"Carole is a treasure. She has an incomparable background of knowledge, experience, and skills that she brings to bear on behalf of her clients. I know this because I have been a client of Carole’s for several years and she never ceases to amaze me.


Carole is extremely patient and kind when we are sorting out an issue or problem that is difficult for me to describe. Once she has a feel for where I’m going, she asks pointed and clarifying questions that help me find the answers I need to help her help me. I have broken down some thick walls and accomplished tasks I have been struggling with for most of my life with Carole’s guidance and support.


I consider Carole a confidant, trusted friend, life coach and so much more. Several times Carole has helped me climb out of the well of depression and anxiety to reach once again for the light. I am both blessed and grateful to have Carole by my side and to recommend her to anyone needing help."


"My experience was beyond my expectations. Carole created such a comforting and safe place for me to explore. The discovery within me really was astonishing. I was amazed at how healing the experience was. I am very grateful Carole... thank you from the bottom of my heart."


Image by Avi Naim
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